Website Development

Motion UI Designs

Custom designs tailored to your brand identity using the latest Motion UI techniques.


Responsive designs that captivate and retain.


Incorporating animations and transitions, to stand out.

Website Design with Motion UI

At Hostwire Systems, we combine Motion UI aesthetics and PWA’s mobile efficiency for captivating web experiences. Enjoy hassle-free serverless solutions, efficient API crafting, AI-driven chatbots, and Docker-integrated robust hosting.


  1. Web Development & Jamstack Architecture

    • Front-end & back-end development using JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.
    • Static site generation with tools like Gatsby for blazing-fast performance.
    • Integration of APIs for dynamic functionalities.
    • Development of Single Page Applications (SPA) using React, Vue.js, and Angular.


    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    • Near-native app performance on the web.
    • Offline access and background sync capabilities.
    • Push notifications to engage users.


    Serverless Solutions & Microservices

    • Development using AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, etc.
    • Scalable and cost-effective solutions.
    • Microservices architecture for modular and efficient applications.


    API-first Development & GraphQL

    • GraphQL implementations for efficient data retrieval.
    • RESTful API development tailored to your needs.
    • Integration with other services and platforms.


    WebAssembly (Wasm) Integration

    • High-performance execution of applications.
    • Seamless integration with existing web technologies.
    • Porting of existing C/C++ codebases to the web.